Take Action

A grand tree will be cut down this Monday, December 14th, on River Road, right across the street from the entrance of Fenwick Hall. The developer of 1700-1744 River Road would like to put the entrance to a proposed apartment complex immediately across the street from the entrance of Fenwick Hall (where this tree currently stands), so as to avoid having to get a minor wetland fill permit to place the entrance where it should be—a little down the road. It is imperative that the entrance be a little down the road in order to line up with the  planned "pitchfork road" which will provide a parallel route to Maybank Highway, alleviating daily traffic congestion. But instead, the developer wants to avoid dealing with a permit and has decided in order to convenience himself, he will scuttle plans for better road improvements that have been planned for years. 

The developer is circumventing the City's process for granting a tree removal (thus avoiding a public hearing) by going directly to the S.C. Department of Transportation (SCDOT) claiming that the tree needs to be cut down immediately for safety reasons. The SCDOT has other options to address the safety concerns, like reflective signs and barriers - which should be considered before cutting down this grand tree and destroying the entrance to historic Fenwick Hall and ruining planned road improvements.

By signing this petition, you are standing up for grand trees and for the well-thought out plans for improving transportation on Johns Island.

This petition will be presented to the City of Charleston, Charleston County, and the SCDOT requesting that they halt the tree removal currently planned for Monday to allow time for the public to weigh in on the proposal.